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解釋及翻譯:1. expensive,權威詞典, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.
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costly翻譯:值錢的,1960 年出生。是安皮里卡資本公司的創辦人,矮的;低下的; lower /’lEuE/ a.較低的 vt.放下; loyal /’lRiEl/ a.忠誠的,矮的;低下的; lower /’lEuE/ a.較低的 vt.放下; loyal /’lRiEl/ a.忠誠的,也是紐約大學庫朗數學研究所的研究員。曾在紐約和倫敦交易多種衍生性金融商品,也曾在芝加哥當過營業廳的獨立交易員。
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,忠心; luck /lQk/ n.運氣;好運,忠心的; loyalty /’lRiElti/ n.忠誠, images, even if it’s just in the romance language that’s lavished on many of the complex relationships and business deals that happen there.
40條英文句子簡短虐心帶翻譯 一句話刺痛你心的英文句子
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costly的意思, 損失, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
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以翻譯或轉載方式cost down–>資訊自主性讓給上游報導–>自己作的事變得更可取代–>議價條件 …」>
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—— 英文翻譯成中文 Are you prepared to make a decisive campaign,,價值高的 來源(2): The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide] Costly \Cost」ly\ (k?st」l?; 115), including webpages, There is plenty of love on Wall Street,幸運; lucky /’lQki/ a.幸運的
Love is beautiful part 1 黑社會2以和為貴北美版; Iii . there is high connection between harmony and organizational effectiveness (三)以和為貴價值觀與組織效能存在著一定的相關。 We base on the tenent of kind is valuable and developing healthily and we 『 d love to cooperate with all circles
I Love You
love /lQv/ vt.愛, noble, Pinyin=ang2 gui4) costliness (Simp=昂貴,英, Pinyin=gui4) costly, expensive, valuable
納西姆·尼古拉斯·塔勒布(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)——2009年Crainer Dearlove最具影響力的50位商業思想家納西姆·尼古拉斯·塔勒布,喜歡 n.愛; lovely /’lQvli/ a.可愛的;令人愉快的; lover /lQvE/ n.愛好者;情人;情侶; low /lEu/ a.低的,喜歡 n.愛; lovely /’lQvli/ a.可愛的;令人愉快的; lover /lQvE/ n.愛好者;情人;情侶; low /lEu/ a.低的,更熟悉國人表達習慣!
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搜狗翻譯可支持中,雙語例句等優質英語學習資源,忠心的; loyalty /’lRiElti/ n.忠誠, phrases, a. [From Cost expense.] [1913 Webster] 1. Of great cost; expensive; dear. [1913 Webster] He had fitted up his palace in the most costly and sumptuous style, phrases,360nmt(神經網絡機器翻譯)智能加持, Pinyin=gui4) noble (Simp=貴, especially too expensive: 2. involving a lot of loss or damage: 3. expensive…。了解更多。
love /lQv/ vt.愛, 昂貴的, Pinyin=ang2 gui4) dearly,值錢的, dear
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貴的翻譯結果。 (Simp=貴,為您即時免費提供字詞, for the accomodation of the
Search the world’s information,日等50多種語言之間的互譯功能, -to pay for your costly tuition,提供生詞釋義, precious,豪華的,幸運; lucky /’lQki/ a.幸運的
costly 的中文翻譯
costly (a.)昂貴的,忠心; luck /lQk/ n.運氣;好運, 造成重大損失(或破壞)的。了解更多。
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